When I first came across this story, I was confused and a little angry that people would pull a prank on the homeless. But when I continued to read the story and watch the video, I knew I had to share it with you guys. I don't know why it still amazes me when I see good people doing good deeds in this world. I guess, I suppose it's because all that's ever reported is the horrible, bad news.

Pranksters Tom Mabe, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady, concocted this prank that would get a restaurant to deliver pizza to a homeless couple sitting on the corner. Pretending to be a police officer, the pranksters orders the pizza delivered to undercover cops dressed as homeless people.

Not exactly what we think of when we think of prank videos, but I like it. There are certainly more ways to get involved with helping the homeless and this is great way to do it!

You may not be as creative as these guys, but you can always get involved. Find out more about the homeless shelter in your town, and think about giving some of your time to help those less fortunate.

Nice work, guys.

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