Have you ever tried to get a full refund for a canceled trip? It's near impossible. I can come up with a list of things much easier than getting your money back from an airline company and yes the list includes Chinese algebra. If a 3rd party company like Priceline or Booking gets your money, just kiss your hard-earned cash goodbye. There is a 99.99% chance you won't even get some sort of credit with a 3rd party booking service.

Great news for those who had to cancel or will need to cancel a flight because of COVID-19 concerns. A group of senators introduced legislation that would help many desperate jet setters get a full refund after choosing not to fly during the pandemic.

Even though Airlines received a stern warning from the federal government back in April, and a huge financial bailout, several airlines are still not giving refunds for canceled flights. Remind me why the government agreed to bail them out?

The Department of Transportation received over 25,000 complaints in March and April, so Congress had to roll their sleeves up and several of us are very happy that they did. Democratic senators proposed a bill in mid-May, forcing airlines to give complete cash refunds on all canceled tickets, even if it's the customer who canceled the flight. Can this get some support from both sides of the aisle so it can pass with flying colors?

The current regulation only gives a full cash refund if the airlines are the ones who cancel the flights. This bill would even force 3rd party booking companies to refund you. Hallelujah! The Cash Refunds for Coronavirus Cancellations Act of 2020, is sponsored by Senators Edward J. Markey, Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, and Kamala Harris.


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