Going shooting can be a lot of fun, and let's be honest no one ever wants to use a firearm to protect themselves. Hopefully, you're never in a situation when you need a firearm to defend yourself. But if you ever find yourself in that position you will want to know what to do, and practice makes perfect. That's why I thought it was so important to pass along the details regarding the Gilmer Police Department hosting a FREE Women's Basic Handgun Course that is open to the public.

The course is going to take place on Saturday, November 6th, 2021 beginning at 8:30 a.m. and will go past lunch time, free lunch will be provided as you go through the course. The location of the event will be at the Gilmer Police Department Gun Range. If you're looking for additional information or an application to attend you're welcome to contact the Gilmer PD at (903)843-5545. This course is NOT an open carry class.

There are a Few Rules for the Free Women's Basic Handgun Safety Class

No husbands, boyfriends, or children will be allowed. This is about gun safety and the ability to focus is very important. Participants will need to bring their own handgun and one 50 round box of ammunition, all ammo must stay in your vehicle until instructed to retrieve it. All weapons must be checked by a firearms instructor or range officer prior to entering the class. Participants don't need a handgun license to attend the course. Targets will be provided at the gun range, please remember to bring your own eye and ear protection.

Where is the Application Information for the Women's Handgun Course in Gilmer?

When I look on the city website for Gilmer it pushes me back to their Facebook page, so here is the best place for information.

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