We would just like to reiterate what several of the commenters on this Gilmer Police Facebook page had to say regarding this post:

Why on earth is it so hard to have surveillance cameras that can at least take as good of video or photos as our iPhones do? I mean, what the heck... So much of this footage we get from stores is, frankly, horrible.

But I digress.

Here's the deal: The Gilmer Police Department is currently seeking this 'person of interest."

From the post itself, we can't confirm whether this person is wanted for stealing or some other crime. Or perhaps this person could be in danger. Honestly, the post was vague in that regard.

However, I gotta say--if this guy is stealing from that Wal-Mart in Gilmer, he may be the most CHEERFUL looking thief I've ever seen. Seriously--look at his face? He looks absolutely happy as a lark in these photos. Who knows? Perhaps he was humming a happy little tune the entire time.

OK, seriously all joking aside. Please take a look at these photos and see if you recognize him. Please share with your friends. He looks to be a caucasian man in his 30's, somewhat clean cut with glasses and a full beard.

Here's a photo of the vehicle he was last seen driving:

Gilmer Police FB page
Gilmer Police FB page

If you have any idea who this man is, please reach out to the Gilmer Police at 903-843-5545. All calls are anonymous. Also, they ask that you give the reference case number, which is #22-0034.

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