Being a dog owner brings me so much joy, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to receive unconditional love from my furry family members. And I feel like for the most part there are some really good dog owners in East Texas. While we all know there is a pet overpopulation issue, for the most part pet owners truly care about their canine companions. Which is why I wanted to see how places in Texas ranked when the Dog Advisory Council released their list of best and worst behaved dog owners. 

I’m sure you’re wondering what criteria went into putting these statistics together and they include many of the basic things. The Dog Advisory Council analyzed Twitter to find the cities that tweet about people not cleaning up after their dog, letting their dog off leash in public, or letting their dog bark all night. 

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The 3 Texas Cities That Scored in the Top 25 

According to their results the best dog owner city in Texas is San Antonio and they ended up being the 5th best in the entire country. Next up was Austin coming in at #16 and finally Fort Worth coming in at #24. 

The 3 Texas Cities With Bad Dog Owners 

The worst dog owners in Texas according to their list live in Houston as they came in at #15 on the worst dog owner city list. Dallas wasn’t far behind coming in at #17, and unfortunately Arlington made the list as well coming in at #25. 

The numbers indicated that Arlington dog owners are horrible about letting their dog off leash in public. And Houston is very bad about letting their dogs bark all day and night.  

Remember your dog just wants love and attention from you, be there for them.

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