I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. But thousands of East Texans are making the same mistake I made. All the craziness began this morning when I saw a sign posted online in Longview and it caught my eye because of what was written, "I HATE REID PIERSON". Even more than just the sign there was work put into this because there is also a website for you to learn more about the hatred for Reid. The website advertised on the signs pushed people to visit IHateReidPierson.com

I've had quite a few people mad at me, some ex-girlfriends might have even hated me but none of them have taken the time to create signs and a website to show their anger. Which just made me even more curious for what I was going to find on this website. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

IHateReidPierson.com Is Nothing Like What I Expected

I assumed the website would be full of hate, possibly from an ex, it was quite the opposite. Reid Pierson is one intelligent contractor and his wife helped him get creative with the marketing plan. Reid does flooring and you learn that at IHateReidPierson.com and if you need Reid to do a job for you and tell him you HATE him, he will take 10% off your next job.

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The City of Longview Has Received Complaints About the Signs

The marketing behind the signs is brilliant. Although the city of Longview has already received multiple complaints about the signage. At this point Reid and his wife Brittni are working to find local business owners who will display their signs so it doesn't create an issue with the city sign ordinance.

But I have to admit, they got me, and their marketing was brilliant.

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