We’ve all heard since we were little kids that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As I've gotten a little older I wonder if that is the truth or if that was a marketing idea thought up years ago. Either way it is important to give your body the energy it needs to get through your day, and sometimes your body needs some delicious waffles and a cup of coffee and that combination has locals in Lindale, Texas excited about the new breakfast restaurant that just opened. 

Before this week I had never heard of Waffles and Coffee, but I do love both of those items so I wanted to find out more about this new restaurant. After trying to search for them online I couldn’t find a lot of information but luckily there were enough people talking about it I found all the important information you need so you can try the new hot spot for breakfast in Lindale. 

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Where is Waffles and Coffee Located in Lindale? 

Waffles and Coffee is located in the Townsquare Shopping Center in Lindale, the exact address is 1420 South Main Street Suite 16A, Lindale, TX.  

What Can You Expect at Waffles and Coffee in Lindale? 

While I haven’t stopped by for breakfast yet, I’ve seen enough pictures online that have me drooling and wanting to visit the new restaurant soon. According to their menu there will be hot and cold coffee beverages, juice, soda, water, and various milk drinks to choose from. There are a variety of waffle options and lots of toppings to put on your waffle. The variety and choices are almost endless.  

After spotting into Waffles and Coffee in Lindale please make sure you let us know how it is. 

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