It’s a topic that is so fun to think about and discuss with friends or online, what restaurant would be perfect to add to East Texas. I started thinking about this because I saw the topic pop up on Longview, Texas Facebook group. There are so many amazing restaurants that serve delicious food in Longview, but we have to talk about what residents would still like to see open their doors in the future. 

What I found very interesting about the suggestions that were thrown out on social media is that quite a few of them were not for specific restaurants but more just a type of food. It seems as though Longview residents would love to see local owners opening these restaurants instead of a chain coming into town. Now obviously, chain restaurants still employ locals so seeing a new chain restaurant pop up is not necessarily a bad thing. 

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Opening a Restaurant in East Texas is NOT Easy 

While we all love the idea of a new restaurant in Longview, it’s going to be difficult for anyone who attempts to make this happen. We are very lucky in East Texas to have so many fantastic restaurant options, many of them at a great price too. But if there is enough support, the right restaurant could still be very successful. 

Let’s Look at the Newest Ideas for Longview Restaurants 

We have a list of 6 restaurants or ideas that locals would love to see in Longview. Plus, there is one suggestion of what Longview does not need. Let’s look at the ideas: 

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