When you think of rich people in Texas most people think about Elon Musk currently worth around 198 billion dollars. That is so much money, but he is not the only person in Texas that has worked to create a large amount of wealth. The richest woman in Texas is doing well for herself as she is the 17th richest person in the world and 2nd richest woman in the world worth approximately $72.19 billion dollars. 

How Do You Make That Much Money? 

Most of us dream about being a millionaire and being able to one day retire, the people we are talking about are in the billions. They have plenty of money but there is something else that is driving them to continue their success. Sure, they could retire today and go buy an island somewhere and be comfortable for the rest of their lives, but something keeps them wanting to come back and continue their success in business. 

Who is the Richest Woman in Texas 

Getting back to the richest woman in Texas, she was able to join in on the family business that helped her generate that amount of wealth. The richest woman in Texas is Alice Walton, the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. While I don’t know Alice personally, most things you read online confirm that she worked hard to continue the success of the Walmart brand. 

Richest Woman in Texas, Alice Walton
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Richest Woman in Texas Stays Private 

Alice is not someone who enjoys the publicity that comes with being rich. She enjoys staying away from the lights and camera to enjoy her life. Just another way to show that Alice is very intelligent.

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