Flag on the play!  Illegal guest in the studio.

Rookie Seattle Seahawks cornerback, and former Texas A&M Aggie, Kemah Siverand just made play that has cost him his career. He got caught sneaking a female guest inside of the team's hotel.

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Per ESPN, the woman was disguised in Seahawks gear attempting to pass as a player, but was intercepted by team officials.

Coach Pete Carroll, who was clearly disappointed, said his number one rule is to always protect the team and was pleased that his veterans are sending a message to remain focused while preparing for the upcoming season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The undrafted player out of Texas A&M-turned Oklahoma State received a $2,000 signing bonus which is the third-lowest bonus from the teams 17 undrafted free agents.


Allow me to advocate for Kemah Siverand. While this offense is quite forgivable, I totally understand the Seahawks position as the NBA experienced a similar situation when Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes and Houston Rockets forward Bruno Cabocio were put on a 10-day quarantine for violating safety precautions.

Now the NBA has agreed to allow players to have guests who have long standing relationships for non-family members, per ESPN, and the earliest they could arrive is August 31st per the memo that went out to players.

I just find it hard to believe that the NFL will go an entire season without any interaction from outside guests, and if there isn't a resolution behind this, I wouldn't be surprised if an incident like this happens again.

As for Kemah Siverand, he nor his agent has commented on the decision.

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