Lovers of Ruby's Mexican restaurant in Tyler, Texas (and there are many) have a huge reason to celebrate: In addition to their ever-increasing number of brick-and-mortar restaurants in Tyler, they've announced they now have a food truck!

Someone on their staff posted the announcement on their Facebook page last Friday, July 28 and we are so excited.

We love food in East Texas. We also REALLY love our locally-owned restaurants--especially when they are as consistently delicious as the food you can enjoy in any of their restaurants in Tyler, Texas. (Is it 3 or 4 now?) 

However many there actually are at this point, we are so happy to hear that now we can visit their food truck when their regular restaurants are closed for the evening. Well, at least from Thursday through Sunday.

Where and when will the new Ruby's Mexican Restaurant food truck be open for business in Tyler, Texas?

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According to their recent Facebook post, the food truck will be up and running THIS week, starting on Thursday, August 3. You can enjoy those incredibly delicious Birria tacos, quesadillas, and aguas frescas in front of Ruby's Mexican Restaurant #1 at 2021 East Gentry Parkway in Tyler on Thursdays through Sundays from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m.

That means when you get one of those late-night cravings for Ruby's Mexican Restaurant, they'll be open and waiting for you. And in honor of the grand opening, according to a report from CBS 19, this Thursday there will be a DJ, mechanical bull riding, and of course GREAT food.

We are so excited for the owners and staff of Ruby's Mexican Restaurant as they continue to experience well-deserved success and growth here in East Texas.

(We are so excited for US, too. Bring on the doblados!)

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