We all know texting while driving, and distracted driving is dangerous. Even the best of us will cave and sneak a peak at an incoming text message even when we know we shouldn't. But what if you could be rewarded for not picking up that phone while you drive? Well, now you can.

The app is called Safe 2 Save and it's saving lives and saving you money. With it you can earn points as you drive undistracted, then you redeem them at local businesses. According to Safe 2 Save, texting and driving makes us all 23 times more likely to be in an accident.

How'd the idea for the app come? After a student lost his life from a driver texting in College Station, TX, Marci Corry decided to make an impact on safe driving in communities throughout Texas. After researching behavior change and observing that her young children responded well with positive reinforcement, Corry decided to encourage people in a positive way to stay off their phones while driving. She founded SAFE 2 SAVE in October 2016.

In just two years, the app has gained a lot of popularity with over 89,000 users. Businesses on the app are in many cities throughout Texas, with plans to expand across the entire state of Texas and go nationwide in 2019.SAFE 2 SAVE continues to share about safe driving initiatives through conferences, schools, businesses and various organizations.

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