Recently I was talking with my wife Savannah about our vehicles. She is very happy with her new Toyota Tundra, she loves the way the truck makes her sit up a little higher and it makes her feel safe. Although she doesn’t absolutely love my vehicle which is a smaller vehicle. It’s 4 doors, 4 cylinders, nothing all that special but it’s paid off and has less than 70k miles on it. And I’m not exactly looking to add another monthly payment, but I do want to be safe, so I was interested in finding out that car manufacturers make the safest vehicles. 

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

We all hear different things from friends and family members about safety and reliability and I know the internet has hundreds of websites that can give you information regarding vehicle crash ratings. But I don’t have any specific vehicle I want and I’m not even all that interested in looking at vehicles right now. But when that time comes, I want something safe which is why I started looking around at the safest car manufacturers. 

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Who Came Up With This List 

Because there are so many vehicle websites to look at I wasn’t sure which one to trust. So, I decided to ask the AI program (Chat GPT) to come up with the list of the safest vehicle manufactures. 

Let’s See Who Made the List 

If you think you must spend huge amounts of money to be safe, you’re incorrect. According to AI here is a look at 10 of the safest vehicle manufacturers.  

10 Safest Vehicle Manufactures According to AI

Looking at vehicle manufactures not specific vehicles, here is what AI believes to be the safest.

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