Yesterday (6/28/16), a Texas Mom posted on Facebook that her kids were suffering from a nasty Staph infection following a visit to the Galveston Schlitterbahn water park.

Asheley Drake Salas / Facebook
Asheley Drake Salas / Facebook

The post quickly went viral and, at the time of this writing, has been shared over 88,000 times on social media.

However, Schlitterbahn is now trying to calm fears regarding the post, as they maintain that there have no been no reports of water contamination at their parks.

The woman's post reads,  “We made the mistake of going to Schlitterbahn in Galveston this past week and now my children look like this. They have a very serious strep/staph infection in the water, and two of my kids have it.”

Asheley Drake Salas / Facebook

This morning, Schlitterbahn is vehemently denying the claim and noting that their water is properly treated with chlorine and that they conduct tests throughout the day to assure the safety of their parks.

Despite the woman stating that her pediatrician had acknowledged seeing numerous, similar cases after visits to the water park, the Galveston Health Department reports that they have heard of no such cases.

Additionally, rumors have been spread that Schlitterbahn is closing its Galveston park due to the supposed infection.  This is not true and the water park remains open.

Staph is an infection caused by bacteria that leads to many common illnesses, such as skin irritation and swelling. The CDC says staph "does not survive long in recreational water that has proper disinfectant (chlorine) and pH levels." Strep is similar to staph, according to the CDC.

The woman responsible for the original post, Asheley Drake Salas, has not yet responded to requests for an interview. In her Facebook comments, she states multiple times that she doesn't wish to "get involved on that level."

For more information from Schlitterbahn Galveston, check out their Facebook page.

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