This weekend, I finished the brilliant nostalgia trip that is Cobra Kai on Netflix. The Karate Kid was one of my top movie series as a kid and still is one of my favorite movie series to this day. Every episode of Cobra Kai puts a smile on my face. And now that I'm finished with season two, holy crap, I can not wait for season three next year on Netflix.

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Season two goes deeper into the training of both the Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Karate students. Bringing Sensei Kreese back into the fold adds some great tension between him and Johnny. I will say, you learn a little more of John Kreese's story and you almost feel sorry for him. That changes very quickly and by the end of the season, he's the bad guy you love to hate again.

Daniel rebuilding Miyagi Do Karate really tries the training he received from Mr. Miyagi. Particularly the training that pertains to finding balance. Daniel has to balance three things, his family, his business and his dojo. It certainly takes it's toll.

I said in my review of season one that I loved the young cast that make up both Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Karate. Getting to see their arc as they deal with being teenagers and being rivals is really cool to watch. It all boils over in the final episode into an epic fight sequence the first day back at school. That's all I'll say about that without spoiling anything.

All in all, I'm so happy Cobra Kai is so good. The show honors the original movies and is the perfect continuance of what happens after in both Daniel and Johnny's life. Season three won't be around until next year but with all the twists and turns of season two, season three is going to be an explosive and exciting ride. I am so looking forward to it.

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