I have not been in a relationship for about four years now. So yeah, I miss some things about it. However, I would not go this far. This is just too creepy and too much like a bad 90's sci-fi movie.

A company in Canada has created a robot brothel. Yes, a place to go and rent a robot to have sex with. This company, Kinkys Dolls, wants to come to Houston, too.

There is some red tape the company has to go through before Houston will allow it to open but it appears it could be a reality very soon there.

With news of this business possibly coming to Texas, it got one East Texas city to update their sexually oriented business policies according to KLTV.

No request has been made with the City of Tyler for a business of this nature but the city council wanted to be proactive in case it does happen.

Heather Nick, managing director of the Planning and Zoning Committee, told KLTV, "We are looking at the safety, welfare, and morals of our community, and making sure that’s in line our existing code. With our advances in technology, we constantly have to look at our code and see how do we need to account for those changes in technology, and this is just to further clarify."

Dude, this is just weird.

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