It is a girl's favorite time of year. Not only do we ladies get to give and receive gifts, we get to go shopping. One of the more fun holiday shopping excursions is to find the perfect Christmas party and New Years celebration dresses. But, where are the best places to look around town?

The search for the perfect holiday party dress can turn into a frustrating and long journey through racks and racks of dresses. Roaming store after store, trying on dresses over and over, and seeing nothing but a sea of disappointing styles and colors. Your feet hurt, you are hungry, and you are tired of the endless search with nothing cute to show for it. Nothing could be worse than heading home to search through the year's old dresses for something to wear at the celebration of a new year ahead.

What if you had a handful of great local shops that made finding that perfect dress easy and quick?

You can have that. Tyler offers great stores that are stocked full of variety and awesome prices. No matter the style or look you are going for, you will be able to find it here in town. No need for a trip out of town or to hassle with online shopping, just head down the street.

Sure, you could head to the mall. There are plenty of places to look there, but the traffic is horrible and everyone will be flocking there for their holiday dress. Why not support your local businesses and make sure no one else shows up to the party wearing the same look as you.

Here is a list of my top three favorite dress shops in Tyler.

1. Dressin Gaudy
Located right across the street from the mall. You might have to deal with some of that terrible South Broadway holiday traffic, but it will be worth it. This store offers bling for days. Lots of sequins and glitter are great for a sparkling entrance at that New Years party. Their prices are within a wide range. Some items are cheap and some are a little more expensive, but everything you pick up will be unique and cute.

2. Spinout
     This little shop located on North Broadway next door to the Village Bakery is a great place to find special and designer dresses. Yes, their prices can be pretty high. Some like the name that is attached to their dress, maybe you want to prove something with a dress to that relative that thinks she is just so perfect. Whatever your motives, bitter or just excited, this little place will surely deliver something fun and great for your holiday dress needs.

3. 8th Street Boutique
 This boutique is one of my favorite place in Tyler. Their selection is also the best offered around town and very fairly priced. They have all styles and sizes. Take a trip just a couple of doors down from Spinout to experience another great shopping space. Though this shop is newer it is holding up against older favorites and the department stores. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

I wish all of you women the best wishes for your dress hunting. May your holiday dresses sparkle, fit perfectly, and gather you a world full of compliments.