Every day America - at least most of the states - is getting back to a post-pandemic normal. Just this week, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards rescinded the statewide mask mandate that had been in place since early last year and issued new guidelines that lessened restrictions on businesses and restaurants and paved the way for clubs and concert venues to to welcome back their patrons.

But what about the area's riverboat casinos, the industry that many consider to be the backbone of the Shreveport - Bossier City economy?

Well, as allowed by the Governor's Tuesday announcement, the six local gaming establishments are taking it upon themselves to make their own rules. And for right now, their are changes at some, while others have decided to maintain their COVID 19 status quo.

Are Area Casinos Updating COVID Rules? Here's the Latest Info

The Governor's lessening of COVID rules and restrictions earlier this week affected businesses across the state, but what about our local casinos? 


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