Snakes... not many people would welcome one on their property - especially one that might be venomous. But if you live in East Texas (or much of Texas for that matter), you're bound to run into these slithering reptiles. The real question is, how will you react?

This video sent to us from Tylerite Tammy Smith Heck shows us that snakes can slither ANYWHERE - including barb wire! Now that's what I call living life on the edge...

Tammy lives on about 10 acres of land with all sorts of trees, including Oak (look out for Copperheads!). She told us her family doesn't see the snake population as an issue.

We live in the country and there are going to be snakes. That's just part of it. They have a purpose, a job - help keep rodents down, etc.

She did not kill the snake in the video since it's not poisonous.

We do NOT kill every snake we see. We only kill the poisonous ones - Copperheads and Water Moccasins.

A large snake got into her A/C Unit last year... this was what was left. | Tammy Smith Heck

Not all snakes are dangerous, but a lot of people just assume all snakes are harmful to humans. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, there are 15 potentially dangerous snake species in Texas. But guess what? There are more reported deaths from lightning strikes than snake bites in Texas each year. TWPD says it's because of the increased awareness, education and improved first aid across the lone star state.

Snakes are not out there to hunt humans. They will strike or bite as a defensive mechanism. For more information on snake safety, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Now how do we deal with these dang lightning strikes...?