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So, you decided to get a COVID-19 test…

Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

Congratulations on wanting to figure out whether or not you are sick. It’s always good to know. I mean, every day that I wake up without a cough or fever…I’m internalizing the idea that I could be on a ventilator by lunchtime.  No matter that I’m feeling great, science…and public delirium…has already pre-qualified me to the fact that I probably have The ‘Rona.

Or, maybe I’ve already had COVID-19, and just don’t know it? Hmmm, the plot thickens.

I saw this past weekend where business are selling Home Antibody Tests. Here in Lubbock...with positive cases getting more prevalent by the hour, it seems, knowing if you have or had it, should be paramount. The premise, is simple…and very different from an actual ‘Rona Smear.

All it requires of you…is a drop of your blood. No javelin up your nose. There is a “lancet” which pricks your finger and draws the blood, then allows you to mix it with an agent that can tell one of three things:

1. Whether you have no Antibodies (clean)

2. If you have old Antibodies (you may have had it)

Or, 3. If you have ACTIVE Covid-19 Antibodies. (Get tested NOW)

Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

I feel like the first 2 results would be a badge of honor, in that you’ve either successfully navigated the Coronavirus minefield, or can shout from the highest mountaintops…”I BEAT THE ‘RONA!!”

The 3rd option…is a little trickier. Seriously. You have some internal questions to answer.

First, let’s assume that you did the Antibody test in the privacy of your own home…and it says you may need a test. But…you feel great. You’re not sick. Could this be one of those “I’m asymptomatic” times, when it goes through your system and you never get ill, or only feel a mild symptom or two…or are you on the way to full-blown ‘Rona-town? It’s hard to know at the outset.

Some people might think…”Ahhh, it’s not a big deal, I’ll just wear my mask, wash my hands, and I’ll be good. If I get sick, I’ll get a test.” They may also say…”But, I really don’t want to quarantine, and don’t want to be on the record or freak anyone out.  I have a life.”

Is this you?

If you had a positive Antibody test, and felt fine…would you tell anyone?  Or, would you just go about your business until…or even if…things got worse? Maybe even not get tested officially? After all..do you REALLY want to quarantine for no reason for 14 days?

I’m convinced that the actual numbers of people who have been exposed and have the Antibodies is much higher than the number of cases that is cited. After all, it does affect different people in different ways.

So, we reach that moral dilemma…if you’re the only one who knows you have Covid-19, and you feel great and don’t (or can’t) quarantine…do you tell anyone?

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