If you bought a Texas Lottery ticket sometime in the last couple of days in Longview, I really....REALLY hope you checked your numbers before you threw your ticket away or else a landfill somewhere in East Texas has $5 million dollars buried in it.

The search is on in East Texas and beyond for a Texas lotto ticket worth $5 Million bucks that was purchased in Longview for the June 5th drawing according to KLTV and the Texas Lottery. The clock is ticking for the winner to claim the prize and I'm quite sure folks all across the area are double and triple checking their old tickets.

First, let's get the facts straight: The ticket was purchased at EZ Bee 49 at 514 S. Eastman Rd. in Longview but we weren't told the date or time of purchase.  The ticket matched all 6 of the winning numbers 5-11-20-24-27-46 and whoever brought it chose the "cash option" which means they will collet a one time payment of over $3.7 million dollars before taxes.

The Texas Lottery says the winner has 180 days from the drawing date to claim the prize which remains unclaimed but I'm quite sure whoever brought the ticket is following the advice of many experts who recommend that if you do happen to win a huge lotto jackpot that you do the following:

  • Sign The Ticket
  • Put it in a safe place
  • Seek financial and legal advice
  • Call The Texas Lottery to schedule an appointment to claim the prize

And probably the most important piece of advice, coming from me, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and move quietly until the money is in your hand. Folks is crazy nowadays and you don't want your dream to turn into a nightmare.


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