Saturday, December 30th is National Bacon Day, and we'll give you some ideas about ways to celebrate right here in East Texas.  As if you needed a nudge.

We've been appreciating the wonders of bacon for many years in Texas, but it seems like it's become a bandwagon thing over the past few years as other people have started adding it to things like chocolate, ice cream, and bloody marys.  Whatever you need to do people, that's cool.

We kinda like it plain.  And on burgers and wrapped around a shrimp holding a jalapeno and crushed up on cornbread.  And dunked in syrup.  Okay, maybe we all have our bacon issues.

There's a holiday for everything--in fact, 1500 different weird and obscure holidays throughout the year--but this one we can really sink our teeth into.  Saturday, December 30th is National Bacon Day.  At last.

How do they suggest we observe this wonderful and necessary holiday?  National Day says we should "eat a variety of bacon while watching Kevin Bacon movies, or movies with bacon in the title."  And they say, "Giving and receiving gifts of bacon is also recommended."  And use #BaconDay to post on social media.

Where do you get your bacon around East Texas?  IHOP, Cracker Barrel, and The Diner, and Denny's come to mind.  And of course your kitchen at home on a Saturday with a big stack of pancakes.  As much as we love bacon around here, we have a feeling that Sunday might be a Bacon Day too.  For the love...

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