The City of Lindale was founded in 1871 and sits in Smith County. After the Civil War, Richard B. Hubbard, the owner of a large plantation in the area, started searching for a more convenient way to ship the produce grown on his land. Hubbard convinced railroad officials to lay track between the nearby cities of Tyler and Mineola. Hubbard's brother-in-law Elijah Lindsey anticipated growth around the new railroad tracks and opened the fledgling community of Lindale's first general store in 1871, thus the city had its start.

There are several stories about how Lindale got its name, the most common being that Lindsey's name was combined with the suffix dale to form 'Lindseydale.' This was later shortened to Lindale when the city got its first post office in 1874.

In 1875 the railroad expanded into Lindale and the town's fruit packing industries took off. By the late 1800s Lindale was known for its fruit and berry canning industry. By 1900 Lindale had a newspaper, two cotton gens, numerous shops, churches, a doctor, the ubiquitous canning factory and more.

With produce continuing to be the city's main source of income, it gained a reputation for being the "blackberry capital of the world" by 1950.

Lindale Facts

Population: 6,313 (2021)

Elevation: 551′

Zipcode: 75771

Area code: 430/903

Mayor: Jeff Daughtery

Hometown of: Miranda Lambert

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