If you're a Star Wars fan (even if you're not, really), you've heard 'may the 4th be with you' today. Real fans of the blockbuster movies truly mark the occasion, and retail stores recognize this.

Williams Sonoma has the biggest fans covered with a deal on all Star Wars-themed Instant Pot pressure cookers for $20 off! A 3-quart BB-8 model is selling for as low as $60, the 6-quart Stormtrooper model going for $80 and the 8-quart Chewbacca pot on sale for $100. What can make it better? Free shipping with the code SHIP4FREE on any order over $50.

According to Engadget, despite their incredible theming, the Star Wars Instant Pots don't function any differently than other Instant Pots, but they do act as a badge of honor showing your friends that you really do go to the end of the galaxy to show off your love for everything Star Wars.

To also celebrate Star Wars Day, Disney+ will begin streaming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

So may the 4th be with you!...and possibly in your kitchen!

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