Last week I shared with you my plight, of having to make, yes make, a homecoming mum garter for Chloe's homecoming date. Chloe informed me of this too late to order a mum from a florist, Hobby Lobby or Micheal's. Like I explained last week, I am not what you would call  'crafty' in any way, so this was going to be torture! Saturday night is Chloe's homecoming, so this past weekend I had to tackle the mum! I watched tutorials on making a mum on YouTube, I asked opinions from folks in the know, I tried to use common sense, and guess what folks? I successfully completed making a homecoming garter mum! For someone who in no way, shape or form is 'crafty,' it turned out pretty darn great!

So I can now add making a homecoming mum my lists of  things I attempted and completed. I was so dreading this project but instead  I learned something new and I really am quite proud of myself. Chloe is happy with how it turned out too.

But I'm not ready to buy my own hot glue gun, if you know what I mean!


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