Ah, yes, high school. Aka the glory days. Chances are whether you attended in Dallas, TX, or Del Rio, TX, you remember your school's mascot, and probably the fight song too.

My high school mascot was a knight, which is funny cause no knight ever stepped an armored toe in America, let alone in the tiny town I went to school in. But the history of mascots dates back decades, all the way to the 19th century. But why?

Bobblehall states that "the term is most often linked to a good luck animal. It was sports organizations that started to use animals as mascots to provide some extra entertainment for spectators."

But it's The Culture Crush that claims to know the exact origins of American mascots. The site claims that it began in the 1800s when a little boy named Chic, who carried bats and ran errands for baseball players, became known as the team's good luck charm.

According to an 1883 issue of The Sporting Life Magazine, “the players pinned their faith to Chic's luck-bringing qualities” and it was exactly those so-called good luck charm qualities and maybe a little superstition that laid the foundation for what have become the basis of today's mascots.

So, back to Texas. We've got some pretty oddball ones in The Lone Star State. Do you know where to find The Gobblers? You may already know that Hutto is home of The Hippos, but do you know which school is The Porcupines? How about The Wampus Cats? Do you even know what a wampus cat is?

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