Gold panning in the state of Texas is not just something for in the movies or on a television show. As we all known gold is one of the most valuable metals on the planet so people will always be searching for where to find it. And yes, you can find gold here in the great state of Texas. But you need to know where to look and how to find it, which is why I wanted to point you in the right direction and look at the best places to go gold panning in Texas. 

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The first thing you need to understand when thinking about gold panning is that you need to be patient. No one goes out digging around for gold and finds some gigantic nugget within the first 10 minutes then instantly becomes rich. It just doesn’t happen like that. If you’re going to have a successful trip you need to have the correct equipment, knowledge of where to go, and lots of patience. 

You Need to Have Permission 

As you know most Texas land is privately owned, DO NOT go on someone’s property attempting to find gold without their permission. Beyond just doing the right thing, if you take something from someone else’s property that is considered theft, and I can promise you the landowner will not be happy with you. Always get permission first. 

Let’s Look at the Best Places to Find Gold in Texas 

Thanks to the help of Treasure Pursuits, here is a look at the best areas to explore if you’re looking to find gold in the state of Texas. 

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