We're expecting a lot of confidence boosts this football season.

This weekend is the first full, jam-packed weekend of college football with game happening Thursday through Saturday. Teams all across the country will be kicking off a new season with visions of championships dancing around the locker room. It's a good time of year with many of us are throwing on our gear to support our favorite teams and cheer them onto victory.

And those wins are just as much for us as they are for those on the field.

In fact, a recent study out of Ohio State University has found that watching your favorite team win will boost your self-esteem. In fact, that "high" that we experience cheering a team onto a win will stay with us for as many as two days after the game. For most college football match ups, that means we will still be feeling those good vibes well into Monday.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "what about experiencing a loss?"

That same study found that experiencing a loss is less harsh if you watch with other fans of the same team. In other words, there is strength in numbers. Oh, and if you're wondering about those who didn't watch the game at all? Researchers found that those individuals experienced a drop in self-esteem due to feelings of being left out.

I guess it's safe to say that when it comes to your favorite team, getting a watch party together with your crew is the best way to go!

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