As summer approaches, it's time for high school students to find a summer job - but where to start looking? Give these ideas a try if you're stumped!


If you know any families with young kids, it might be worth your time to see if they need a babysitter during the day while their parents are at work. During the summer, a lot of kids don't go to daycare or pre-school, so now is your chance to spend some time reliving your childhood and getting paid to do it!


With some certifications and training classes, being a lifeguard can be a great summer job. For those of you who love spending time out by the pool and in the sun, this might just be the perfect match. Be sure to check local pools and country clubs for availability.


It's never a bad idea to keep your school skills up during the summer, even if you are tutoring younger kids it can help keep your mind active. Check with your teachers before school ends to see if they know of any available positions or even with families that have young kids. Plus, if you do this on your own you can set your own hours and pay rate.

Golf Caddy

Country clubs and golf courses are very busy during the summer months and are always looking for some extra help caddying, selling drinks and more. Call around to country clubs and see what positions they have available.

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