Country Tours Coming in 2013 – Our Top 5
2012 saw some of the best country music that the country has ever seen. We met some new artists who are going to be huge in 2013. We saw some artists who have been around a while have the biggest year of their lives- like Blake Shelton and Little Big Town. And the year was filled with the biggest an…
Sugarland Stage That Collapsed Did Not Meet Code [POLL]
An engineering review released today has found that the stage rigging that collapsed and killed seven people and injuring dozens of fans who were awaiting to see Sugarland perform during last summer's Indiana State Fair, wasn't built strong enough to meet state building codes.
Alan Jackson Tonight! Get Geared Up with Great Videos
Country music superstar Alan Jackson's concert in Tyler is finally here. We hope you're all ready to see the man in person tonight at The Oil Palace -- we know we are! Let's celebrate this huge event, brought to you by 101.5 KNUE and The Oil Palace, by watching videos of Alan Jackson&…
Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Tour Drew Biggest Crowd of 2011
Taylor Swift‘s Speak Now tour was a global, 98-city trek that we are still talking about even though it’s long over. That’s because it was one of the hottest tours of 2011, as the singer traveled the world, strumming her guitar, singing her confessional songs, covering regional artists from the city…

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