If traveling for concerts is one of your favorite things to do, then you might want to check out this study first because a very famous Texas city has ranked as one of the most expensive cities for concerts!

Traveling for a concert is one of my favorite things. However, I know that once I purchase those out-of-town tickets,  it will take some major planning on my part for the rest! If you travel for concerts then you know you have to add in the costs for food, Uber rides, flights or gas if you're traveling by car. Well, now I know that I'll have to double those costs if I plan to see a concert in Austin!

Austin has ranked as one of the most expensive U.S. cities for a weekend concert vacation according to travel company Upgraded Points.

Austin, Texas most fun city
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According to the study, concert ticket prices ranked highest in Austin at $279.03 on average, according to the study. That's just for the concert tickets.

Upgraded Points also factored in the cost of meals, parking, rideshare costs, flights and even drinking costs! All together, on average, it'll cost $1,331.73 per person for a weekend trip to Austin for a concert.

Most Expensive cities for concerts
Upgraded Points

The other most expensive cities that made the list include:

  • New York, New York: $1,792.94
  • San Francisco, California: $1,691.80
  • Los Angeles, California: $1,516.37
  • Boston, Massachusetts: $1,453.77
  • Seattle, Washington: $1,406.86
  • San Diego, California: $1,364.86
  • Washington, DC: $1,351.38
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia: $1,348.94
  • Chicago, Illinois: $1,334.06

Austin ranked low, but still pretty expensive.

The good news is that Upgraded Points also found the least expensive cities for concerts, unfortunately no other Texas city landed on that list. You can check out the full study here. And, good luck planning your next out-of-town concert trip!

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