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Texans, Don’t Panic! Our Gas Supply Is Fine According To AAA
Texans, there is no reason to panic over the supply of gas in Texas. That's the message being sent by AAA Texas on Tuesday after news that there were gas shortages in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
According to AAA officials, the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline will have little to no effec…
Gas is Cheap in Texas
Some of the cheapest gas in the country is right here in Texas. Under two bucks a gallon is nice, but it's creeping up on us now.
Lower Gas Prices = More Traveling and More Gifts? [POLL]
Just about everyone is rejoicing with lower gas prices (except if you own a gas station). Prices have fallen considerably since the summer, when gas was around $3.39 to now $2.59 a gallon. I've even noticed a big change in the total at the pump when I go to fill up my truck and I appreciate it …

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