Gas prices were already predicted to be their highest since 2014 this spring. Thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that has sent oil prices soaring to $100 a barrel, we reached that high a little earlier than anticipated here in Tyler, TX, and across the globe.

You've probably noticed, gas prices are currently the highest they've been since the tail-end of the Obama administration. In fact according to AAA drivers in Longview and Tyler are paying on average between $3.77-$3.85, the national average just peaked above $4. And those prices could certainly rise as the invasion escalates.

As it turns out there is a particular day each week that gas tends to be cheaper. Americans are now paying about 50% higher than we were a year ago, GasBuddy has a tip that could save you a few dollars a week. Today they released a new study that found the best and worst days of the week to fill up in order to maximize savings.

The Best Day to Save Money at the pump in Texas is Sunday. According to the website the last day of the week offers the lowest average gas prices in The Lone Star State.

“When it comes to saving money at the pump, (Sunday) offers the lowest average gas price in (Texas), making it yet again the best day to fill-up,” says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “Though there is variation in daily gas prices across different states, the consensus is that filling up at the beginning or end of the work week, on Monday or Friday, is the best way to save money. Following Monday, Sunday is the cheapest day to fill-up."

And according to the same study, the Worst Day to Save Money at the pump: Thursday. There ya go. Plan accordingly, y'all.

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