Without a doubt there has been a lot happening this week, the Boston Marathon bombing, the explosion at the fertilizer factory in West, TX and severe weather in the South. It does lead our children to ask questions and to feel anxious and a little scared, but it is up to us, the parents, to reassure our children that they are going to be ok. Lisa Thomas and I were talking today and she mentioned that she asked her daughter Susie about how she felt about this weeks events and what scares her the most. Susie's response was, "What's next?"

That is a very difficult and hard question to answer. We've offered tips on helping our children cope with these difficult times and yesterday, Lisa ran across this article that could help lead to an explanation of the events of the week to our children, especially the younger ones and teeenagers.

How have you handled talking to your children about this weeks' events?  Comment in the section below.