Next to some good barbecue, Texans love a good plate of Tex Mex. I mean, a big 'ol burrito, a group of tacos, different meat filled enchiladas, dang it, I'm hungry now. But Texans also love getting their fill of some authentic Mexican cooking. Luckily, East Texas has several restaurants specifically built for just that. One of those has a new location that just opened in Lindale, Texas.

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Taqueria El Lugar

It's been a while since I visited the El Lugar location on 271 in Tyler to get my favorite order there, the number 6 combo. My stomach is now yelling at me to go back. It's so good. Not only is there that location but there is also a location on 5th Street. A third location was open for a while in downtown Tyler but they recently closed that location so they could make the move to my hometown of Lindale in the Town Square Shopping Center.

This is a great spot to swing in and pick up some lunch.

Taqueria El Lugar in Lindale - Google Maps
Taqueria El Lugar in Lindale - Google Maps

Just a Few Kinks to Work Out

They do admit on their Facebook page that some bugs are still being worked out but I have a feeling that everything will get settled pretty quickly. El Lugar has always provided great food with great service and a great price (I'm not getting paid for that line, that's my own personal opinion.)

To all my fellow Lindale Eagles, let's stop in and show our support for one of the many locally owned businesses in the Lindale area.

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