Amazing things happen near Whataburger!

Reddit user Un-cIeverName posted a video of a man driving a pickup truck over a wall to get to Whataburger. Did I just write that? Yes, I did.

The Lone Star favorite recently celebrated the 67th anniversary of their original Corpus Christi store so Texans have had a long time to develop a deep love for Whataburger.

The location this is said to have happened at is near Highway 281 and Evans road in San Antonio. This is according to the video's comments on Reddit.

Highway 281 and Evans road via googlemaps
Highway 281 and Evans road via googlemaps

What is it about Trucks and Whataburger? Check out the video below of another Texas crew who got their truck stuck at a Whataburger. Even the Whataburger employee applauds them while hanging out the drive-thru window!! Stay hungry, friends!

Gotta see that one more time!

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