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And just like that, it's fireworks season in East Texas!

Driving along Hwy. 110 from Tyler to Whitehouse Monday night I noticed a fireworks stand that was all lit up, but the fold-up doors were still closed, however, all of that changed today, December 20th, when it became legal once again for firework stands to open and sell us those small explosives that we love to see light up the East Texas sky.

This time next week, we'll be looking forward to the weekend so we celebrate as we ring in a new year. There will be so many parties and gatherings happening while we all count down to that magical moment when we can say goodbye to 2022 and welcome in a new year.

Once the clock strikes 12 midnight and you've kissed your loved one and toasted to the others at the party you can head outside and set off those fireworks to signify the beginning of a new year - that is if you don't live within city limits! It'll be just like the 4th of July in quite a few areas around East Texas as the skies will be lit up with fireworks.

Ring in 2023 with sparklers, Roman candles, rockets and artillery shells.

Texas regulates the sale of fireworks for two seasons out of the year:

  • July 4th - sold June 24th through 12 midnight on July 4th
  • New Years - sold December 20th through midnight on January 1st

Texas allows the sale of fireworks during the following state holidays provided the local county commissioners court approves the sales:

  • Texas Independence Day - February 25th - March 2nd
  • San Jacinto Day - April 16th - April 21st
  • Cinco de Mayo - May 1st - May 5th
  • Memorial Day - Wednesday before the last Monday in May and ending at midnight on the last Monday in May

Remember to set off fireworks responsibly. Respect others' property and while we've had a lot of rain lately, it's always a good idea to have a dependable source of water to put out any fire that may be started by setting off fireworks.

Have a great time and a Happy New Year!

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