In Texas is almost difficult to eat healthy, not due to a lack of options but we have so many amazing restaurants serving up our favorite dishes it makes it difficult to choose a healthy option. While I do admit I try to make healthy decisions when picking out something on a menu it’s difficult with so many fried food options often topped with gravy. But there are some specific healthy foods that not only Texans but most people in general refuse to eat. 

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When I was growing up my parents always made us try things before we just said we didn’t like them. I can remember a time where one of my siblings had to sit at the dinner table for a really long time because they refused to eat their vegetables and my parents weren’t going to give in on the rule. My brother still hates peas to this day, but it showed me that my parents were serious about having us eat healthier foods.  

Eating Healthy Foods is About Discipline 

Sure, we could all eat macaroni and cheese for every meal but that would not be a healthy decision. We need fruits and vegetables to give our bodies the nutrition that it needs to fuel our body properly. So, while we want macaroni and cheese, maybe a salad or some fresh fruit would be the better decision. 

Let’s Look at the Foods Most People Refuse to Eat 

There are some food items listed below that are tasty; you just need to find someone to make it correctly, maybe adding a few spices or flavors to make it more appealing. According to ChaChing Queen, here is a list of healthy foods that most people refuse to eat.  

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