I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon this but I think I just found out about one of the most fun restaurants in Texas, but even better news, there isn’t one aquarium restaurant open in Texas there are two. And while I haven’t visited either location this looks like the perfect family friendly restaurant or a fantastic location to host a kids birthday party. The restaurants are called Aquarium an underwater dining adventure and it really seems like this could be a lot of fun. 

Aquarium Restaurant in Texas
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The two locations for the Aquarium restaurants are in Kemah, Texas and the other location is in Houston, Texas. There are two other locations outside of the state of Texas one being in Denver, Colorado and the other in Nashville, Tennessee. The dining adventure has you enjoying your meal while seated around a 50,000-gallon tank.  

What Will You See While Dining at Aquarium? 

You will see a large variety of fish, sharks, stingrays and lots of other water creatures. To keep with the underwater theme there are special menu items and fun sea décor found all around the restaurant. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday and even open their doors on many holidays, but make sure you check in advance if you’re driving a long distance to visit one of their locations. 

Inside Aquarium Restaurant

Would You Go to Aquarium? 

Does the sound of an underwater adventure during dinner sound like fun to you? Or are you not so sure about eating under the sea? It seems like most of the people online who have visited the restaurant have had a great time. 

Exhibit at Aquarium Restaurant

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