You may recognize Kasey James. He is an actor, creator, filmmaker, director, and a Texan. He has been involved in the Texas Music Industry for over a decade. You've likley seen his work with Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, Whiskey Myers, Bri Bagwell, Casey Donahew, Aaron Watson, Jon Wolfe, and Bart Crow. He is the man behind the '20 viral interview with Cody Canada at Radio Texas, LIVE!

James' resume is long. He has been the Marketing Director for Schroeder Hall, the second Oldest Dance Hall in Texas, and he was an on-air radio personality in College Station.

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He moved from behind the microphone, to behind the camera; founding his own Texas music based video production company, The PlayList, which specializes in music videos and documentaries for musical artists based solely in Texas.

Along with his Texas Music industry credits, Kasey has acted in blockbuster movies, and national commercials.

Kasey James (real name: Kendrick Cunningham) was born on July 20, 1987 in the small town of Wharton, Texas, but grew up in Victoria. Texas Country radio station 98.3 KORA in College Station was Kasey's first call to the entertainment industry, where he was a top on-air personality working alongside Chris Austin and Adam Drake.

He majored in Media Production at the University of Houston, which propelled him to notable roles on screen and behind the camera. Kasey has had roles in Hollywood blockbuster films including, "Django Unchained, '' directed by Quentin Tarantino, and Simon West's "Wildcard," staring Jason Statham.

Along with his acting and producing credits, Kasey debuted his film, "My Bully", his first screenplay, to a sold out theater in Houston.

In Kasey's decade-long career, he has acted, directed and produced numerous commercials, music videos, digital short and full length feature films.

And I say all of that to say this; through all the highs and lows, the accolades and pit falls, his greatest joy is his family. His wife, Kelsey, and until today his two sons, Hayden Jaxon and Leonardo Rose.

“People always ask us when we’re gonna put Leo (his second son) on social media, because we never have," James tells us. "I consider myself an extravagant storyteller. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and well thought out plots and scenarios to share stories. I thought that this would be a cool way to introduce our 4-year-old son to the world; all while announcing we’re having a third - on the day of his birth. Don’t think it’s been done before.. or at least I’ve never seen it.”

Today (June 16th), Kasey and his wife welcome their third son… Shia Myers. Welcome to earth, Shia. This is for you, your big brother, and your family.

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