There are so many all you can eat buffet restaurants found in the state of Texas, deciding which ones are the every best is not an easy task. And we have to admit that when it comes to buffets so much depends on what type of food you enjoy and what you’re craving at that time. Because you will find different restaurants offering different foods at different times. But let’s look at all of the options when looking at the 10 best all you can eat buffets available in the state of Texas. 

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Growing up it was always fun when my parents took us to a buffet because of the huge variety of options. As a kid I would normally skip right over the salad bar and vegetables and go straight for the macaroni and cheese and other unhealthy comfort foods like most kids. But even as a teenager I would eat way too much to get my money’s worth. Now as an adult I don’t want to eat everything I just want to try the best tasting items being offered.  

Lots of Buffet Variety Found in Texas 

It’s not just Golden Corral who is serving up the buffet meals in Texas. You will find restaurants known for southern cooking, Chinese buffets, and even Mexican buffets. So, it really depends on what your favorite food is to decide the best buffet in Texas. 

Let’s Look at the Best Buffets in Texas 

With the help of Best Things TX, let’s look at the best buffet meals that you can find in the great state of Texas. 

10 Best All You Can Eat Buffets Located in Texas

If you're looking for a big meal with lots of options here is a look at the best all you can eat buffet meals in the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Route 66 Family Buffet Serving Up Great Home Cooked Food

Route 66 Family Buffet is a new buffet in Amarillo, Texas. The former Furr's Buffet building was remodeled, and in its place, a new family buffet where you can find great down-home cooking.

Route 66 Family Buffet is located at 2221 South Soncy Road.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

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