There are millions and millions of Texans that absolutely love this specific dessert. I’m just not a huge fan, I never have been, but that’s okay there are so many other dessert options I am just fine enjoying some Blue Bell ice cream or some peach cobbler while everyone else enjoys what is being called the most delectable dessert in the state of Texas.  

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The website Cheapism came up with a list of the best dessert in every state and I saw some really delicious desserts being featured. But when it came to our home state of Texas I was not shocked it’s just one of those desserts that I don’t love. For the state of Texas the website decided that the most delectable dessert in Texas is Pecan Pie 

Pecan Pie is the Official Pie of Texas 

Again, I know Pecan Pie is loved in Texas, I have a brother who would eat Pecan Pie at every meal if he could. So, when I pass on my piece of pie I know that it will never go to waste. And in 2013 the Pecan Pie was made the official pie of Texas.  

Runner Up for Best Dessert in Texas 

After Pecan Pie, the 2nd best dessert as named by the website was the always amazing Blue Bell Ice Cream. There isn’t a flavor of Blue Bell ice cream that I didn’t enjoy so I will gladly enjoy the runner up dessert while the rest of Texas cuts into a fresh baked Pecan Pie. 

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