Everything is bigger in Texas, it’s not just a saying it’s the way that it is here. And with such a gigantic state to live in there is plenty of room for all different types of rental properties. You can find beautiful places to stay on the beach, something in the desert, or find something cozy in the surrounded by trees. But if you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant than an ordinary rental there are two castle properties that are available for rent in the state of Texas.  

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This is your chance to live out your dreams of being a king or queen as you spend the night in a castle located in Texas. Both properties would be a lot of fun, but they are quite different, and that includes the rental price. One is located near Lake Livingston which is a little over an hour northeast of Houston. The other is in the Texas hill country a little over an hour northwest of Austin. 

The Texas Castle Rentals Have a Big Difference in Price 

There are lots of people that use the saying, “you get what you pay for”. And in this instance, I would admit that the castle in the hill country is nicer than the one near Lake Livingston but there is also a huge difference in prices. The one in the hill country starts at $1,518 per night and the less expensive castle rental begins at $106 per night. 

Either Castle Rental in Texas Would Be Fun 

Regardless of which Texas castle you choose you’re going to have lots of fun with these rental properties. So, which rental castle would you rather visit? 

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