I understand how someone can be in a panic and resort to extreme measures to hide something when they are in trouble. But after reading this story I have so many questions but let's just go ahead and give you the facts for now.

According to The Times Record News, police in Wichita Falls were called out to a disturbance involving Riley Weiss. The victim called police on Weiss reporting that she was causing a disturbance and the Weiss had previously stolen the victim's car, even though the victim dropped the charges.

Police run her name and find out that Weiss has a felony count warrant so they proceeded to take her into custody but noticed that she was "fidgeting and nervous". The victim told police that Weiss had "pipe" on her but when searched at the scene, police didn't find anything on her. But police still gave Weiss the chance to surrender any thing illegal on her and she insisted she didn't have anything on her.

Until she got to jail....

The report went on to say that when strip searched at the County jail, police found a burnt glass pipe, commonly used to smoke "meth" in her BUTT. That's right, her anal cavity, where the sun don't shine.

One of the many questions I have is, "Was she planning on using it again?". I hope not...I guess when you're getting smacked up on that kind of stuff, rational thinking isn't a strong suit.

Anyway, Weiss was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Tampering/Fabricating with Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair. Drugs are bad kid m'kay.

Quarantine Memes

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