One thing that we can all agree on is that people here in Texas aren’t afraid of some hard work. Yeah, there are exceptions to everything, but for the most part people in Texas don’t mind working hard to make sure they can provide for their family. As we have all experienced lately, just providing for our family has been more difficult but we have to take a break at some point, or we will get burnt out. But did you know Texas ranks as one of the worst states in the country when it comes to employee burn out? 

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It’s almost troubling to admit that I am not shocked to hear that Texas was high on this list. When you ask your friends in neighbors in Texas what they have been up to lately, it’s almost always just working. Texans are proud to make a living even if it means putting in long days. 

List of States Dealing With Employee Burnout 

These rankings were created by Wealth of Geeks and they made these rankings by state after looking at a few key metrics. Those metrics include income, quit rates, commute duration, working hours, safety, and paid time off. 

Make a Plan So You Don’t Burnout 

Almost every year I lose PTO hours that I have accrued at work. It’s nobody’s fault but my own. But my plan is to take time off earlier in the year so I don’t have so much to burn at the end. Use your PTO, you’ve earned it! 

Let’s Look at the States Ranked Worst for Employee Burnout 

Here are the states that have employees on the brink of burn out.  

15 States Ranking Worst for Employee Burnout

After working long hours for extended periods of time employees begin to get burnt out, here is a list of states ranking worst for employee burnout.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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