Last week a U.S. Department of Education investigation concluded that Texas has "violated federal law by failing to ensure students with disabilities were properly evaluated and provided with an adequate public education".

According to a statement from U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, “Far too many students in Texas had been precluded from receiving supports and services under [the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act]. I’ve worked directly with TEA Commissioner [Mike] Morath on resolving these issues, and I appreciate the Texas Education Agency’s efforts to ensure all children with disabilities are appropriately identified, evaluated and served under IDEA".

Gov. Greg Abbott has already issued a response, according to the Texas Tribune, sending a letter to Morath demanding that TEA prepare an initial plan to reform special education, with the input of parents, advocates and educators. He also demanded TEA develop legislative recommendations to help ensure districts comply with federal and state special education laws.

“Federal officials have provided no definitive timeline for action by TEA, but parents and students across our state cannot continue waiting for change," Abbott wrote. "I am directing you to take immediate steps to prepare an initial corrective action plan draft within the next seven days.”

Read more regarding the claims as reported by the Texas Tribune, here.

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