Here in the great state of Texas, we don’t shy away from good eating. But what I find so funny is that when I travel abroad or talk to people from outside our state, some of our favorite delicacies are looked at with disgust or looks of confusion.

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Having been born and raised in Texas, I never thought to myself that any of the foods below were all that weird (except maybe the last one). I thought people all around the world ate just like us. Part of growing up is realizing how diverse the world is and trying new things, and that works both ways. If you're not a Texas native, think about giving these dishes a try.


I spoke with some of my friends who are not from the great state of Texas and asked them what they'd consider the weirdest Texas dishes. These are some of the most normal meals in my mind, but they seem to make my out-of-stater friends' faces twist up.

These are the top 10 weirdest dishes that Texans love.

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