After last year and the past few years, people in Texas are praying to see any of their bills decrease, and that includes their grocery bill. It wasn’t long ago I was talking with some friends about how our grocery bills have almost doubled in the past year or two. It’s crazy how expensive everything is costing when you go to the store. But are we expected to see this trend continue or are the grocery bills actually expected to decrease. Let’s look at what some experts are saying to expect with your grocery bill for the rest of the year.  

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According to the knowledgeable folks at the United States Department of Agriculture they are predicting that our grocery bills will go down just slightly as we continue through 2024. This information comes from their Food Price Outlook. While the weekly bill might only be going down slightly, as everything else is costing more, this is news that we can all appreciate.  

Which Products Will Be Cheaper in 2024? 

Again, according to the experts you can expect a slight decrease is the cost for pork products. Vegetables and eggs are a few other items that are predicted to cost less in 2024, but that is good because we all remember seeing egg prices skyrocket in previous years. 

Which Items Will Cost More in 2024? 

When you’re at the store don’t expect beef, chicken, or fish to go down in price although none of those proteins are expected to see huge increases either. Fruit, cereal, bakery items, and non-alcoholic beverages are other items that will probably see slight price increases as well.  

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