When most people think about Texas, one of the very first things that pop into their head would be the extreme heat and humidity that we deal with in the summertime. Most of us are used to the heat by not so it’s not much of a problem for us. While it might be uncomfortable for a few days, we know that the heat will eventually drop. But there are different ways to beat the heat in Texas, although one is more delicious than the rest, that would be eating ice cream. 

Ice Cream Cone

There is nothing better than a delicious ice cream treat on a hot day. The treat might also become a little game as you will need to eat your ice cream rather quickly before it melts in your hand but it’s a way to make your day better. And we are quite fortunate here in Texas as there are so many places to get ice cream whether it’s a local shop, a stop by the grocery store for some Blue Bell or visiting Dairy Queen or Brahm’s. But what flavors of ice cream are the most popular? 

People Love the Classics 

There are new and exciting ice cream flavors being thought up all the time. One of the more recent flavors on our list below is the Cake Batter ice cream flavor, beyond delicious. But it was interesting to see that so many of the most popular ice cream flavors are the classics. 

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Let’s Look at the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors 

You might think your favorite ice cream flavor is boring, but most people like to stick to the classics. Here is a look at the most popular ice cream flavors.  

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