**Update 4/29/2024 at 11am** As of September 1st it is legal to possess a switchblade in the state of Texas.

In Texas it is common to see people with firearms on their hip or a knife in someone’s pocket. It’s not about causing violence, it’s something that has been done for decades and continues today. Most people carrying a weapon with this have very little intention of ever using that one another person, but it is available if a dangerous situation were to arise.  

Gun Range

Like so many other Texans I am a proud gun owner, I hope to never have to pull out my gun except for at the range for target practice but I know that it’s there if needed. But that is another important thing, whatever weapon you own, you should feel comfortable using it. So, if you are a gun owner, make sure you’re visiting the range, so you remain comfortable using your weapon.  

Some Weapons Are Illegal in Texas 

While there are lots of proud gun owners in Texas. That doesn’t mean that all weapons are legal in the lone star state. There are three dangerous weapons that could get you into a lot of trouble with law enforcement just for being in possession of these items. Let’s make sure you know which weapons are illegal in Texas, so you don’t get yourself in serious trouble. 

Three Illegal Weapons in Texas 

These weapons are very dangerous so officials in Texas have banned them. Make sure you’re not in possession of these items. Here are the three dangerous weapons that are illegal to own in Texas. 

Beware! These 3 Dangerous Weapons Are Illegal To Have In Texas

These 3 dangerous weapons could get you in a lot of trouble in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Piggie

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